Legal Team/Minutes/2016-08-04

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  • Brad Edmondson
  • Sam Ellis
  • Dennis Clark
  • Alan Tse
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Tom Vidal
  • Kris Reeves
  • Kate Stewart


  • new license request: from Tom Incorvia for Net-SNMP license:
    • this is actually a composite of multiple licenses which appear to be all BSD-3-Clause and one instance of MIT-CMU
    • Alan did comparison to be sure on BSD-3-Clause - only one difference in Sun license that has statement of trademark ownership and other text at beginning. Not substantive from a compliance perspective but we would normally make this a new license. Discussed possibility of options with new markup capabilities on this kind of thing, as well as “needs legal discussion” flags on BSD-2-Clause-NetBSD and BSD-2-Clause-FreeBSD — decided this could be a feature request later, but for now, stick to our normal way of operating.
    • Can identify Net-SNMP with license expression of: BSD-3-Clause AND MIT-CMU AND LicenseRef-<> now. or can add new license for Sun variation and use that instead of LicenseRef- - will email Tom I for further thoughts
  • BSD-Source-Code is missing some markup in one spot where there is a name - needs to be added to master file as per Sam’s email - Sam to add to XML file
  • BSD-2-Clause example that uses "expressed" instead of "express" in first line of disclaimer section - lawyers on call agreed to legal difference. also found an instance of this in BSD-3-Clause
    • address with specific markup - Kris or Sam will add to XML files

Next call is Aug 18, then Sept 1 - so we may schedule an additional call the week of Aug 22nd if need be

Kris' advice on XML review: don't get caught up in flexibility of new tooling (XML format, etc.) - keep same/conservative approach as always, unless you find something that is plain wrong/we missed before