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  • Kris Reeves
  • Gary O"Neall
  • Paul Madick
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Dennis Clark
  • Phil Odence
  • Sam Ellis
  • Mark Gisi
  • Alan Tse


1) v2.5 is now live

  • need to send email that it's live now to general call and legal team
  • sortable table fixed so that it sorts regardless of lower case/ upper case

2) SPDX License List XML files - what needs to be done to get to release stage:

  1. finish main review of licenses so that all can merged and other clean-up, which also includes: (finish by end of August)
    • opening and closing < SPDX > tag are not always same case - should be all upper-case
    • discussion on what to do about some licenses that were flagged as having self-referring numbering - will save this data even tho not complete, just in case we want to go that route later; can be an attribute that is not "seen" at this point; don't merge these yet --> Kris will add attribute and merge.
    • for those that are tagged as "requires acknowledgement" - reminder to not merge --> Kris to deal with those all at once
    • Kris to do another pass to do some clean-up, including body tag to be removed
  2. exceptions need to be added to XML - Kris will add to Github for review, will have own pull requests (Note from Gary: tools don't care whether in same or different directory)
  3. same situation for deprecated licenses - Gary's point that need XML for tools (Gary and Kris were going back and forth on whether own XML files needed for this or not - to check on outcome of this)
  4. review various webpages for updating --> Alan to do this (have first pass for review by group by mid-August)
    • License matching guidelines page
    • License list overview page; add info/explanation about XML tags (with input from Kris and Gary for tags)
  5. define a new process for License List, i.e., how to request a new license, what kind of pull requests we want, underlying process etc. --> Jilayne to do this (end of August for review by group)
    • check with Kate re: moving license list to Github primary (instead of LF Git and mirrored to Github)
  6. Gary to update spdx-tools for new XML format (including website generation) - for 5 different formats (mid- to late- September)
    • Gary already has basic structure in place; time frame such that he could do testing in mid- to end-September
    • end-of September would aim to have preview of website so we can check it, probably then one more pass at tools, etc.
  7. need new tool to take text of new license and convert to XML file (to do so by hand is a bit tedious). Will still need human review before finalizing. (doesn't have to be done for release stage)


  • ok to not have Q3 release and aim to have this all done mid-quarter --> goal to have full conversion by end of October!!