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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Dennis Clark
  • Eric Weddington
  • Sam Ellis
  • Brad Edmundson
  • Kate Stewart
  • Alan Tse


1) Quick update from general call; good agenda shaping up for Collab Summit for end of March

2) New license requests: tracked on Google spreadsheet, short summary of discussion included here:

  • FSF All Permissive License (submitted by Didier Verna) - accepted for 2.4. Noted that it comes from FSF, so added "FSF" to name and used a short identifier following the same pattern as other permissive FSF notices already on list
  • Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data - had asked requestor for info about where it's used, but have not heard any response. discussed that it is not a s/w license per se, but for data, but we have other licenses for data and documentation that are also open. decided to add it
  • Secure Messaging Protocol Public License - approved

3) various updates:

  • Markup proposal discussion got pushed back to Feb 9 (JL to send invite; check with Kris first
  • Reminder to check Gary's proposal and be prepared to comment for next call on Feb __
  • update from Kate re: FOSDEM - she spent much of two days in legal and policy dev room which was, once again, full!! See the schedule here: Should be recordings of all talks, will post link when available here: and
  • * One talk on Saturday discussed penetration of license list short identifiers - will probably have for guest speaker on next general call
  • * Stefano advocated for shared database of SPDX docs, e.g., DebSources (Matt Germonprez at UNO also advocating this)
  • * Keynote on Sunday morning by Richard Stallman (Kate got locked out!)
  • * Kate also spoke with Richard and Stefano about sequencing for OSI approved licenses and SPDX. Kate is following-up with them to confirm