Legal Team/Minutes/2015-08-20

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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Sam Ellis
  • Dennis Clark
  • Mark Gisi

(limited attendance due to LinuxCon NA having just ended yesterday)


1) Update from LinuxCon - quick thoughts from Mark, but will do bigger update next call

  • Biggest SPDX-related meeting was the bakeoff went well, good feedback from that.
  • Gary gave his presentation - good showing there.
  • Mark gave a talk too, but not related to SPDX directly. Premise was: great sharing is happening, but if forget to include license info - the code ceases to be "open". And "grading" of projects by tool by WindRiver, showing example of Apache and FSF projects who get A+

2) Headers project: Mark working on drafting summary of issue and proposal; will send to group once in more firm, for review

  • discussed some further thoughts on Mark's proposal
  • discussed markup for standard headers: about 51 licneses with standard headers; HTML is not formatting correclty on web pages - this will be fixed as of 2.2 release at end of September
  • about 25 standard headers need markup, many of which have copyright notices
  • what about copyright notices? should they be in license text and headers at all? there is a separate field in SPDX spec for copyright notices, and matching guideline #10 says to ignore copyright notice for purposes of matching license text, so maybe
  • * oddball case: when the copyright notice is not at top of license or header, but in middle of or part of text - previously decided that in this case, the copyright notice would get markup
  • * oddball case: when the license itself has copyright notice - previously decided that this would not get markup and be part of match. (should the matching guideline re: copyright notices mention this scenario?)
  • * for discussion on next legal call...
  • for replaceable text in standard headers, will add same markup as with licenses and use whatever is "original" (even if a blank line) as the example or original text when displayed on HTML pages

Next call agenda:

  • more thorough update from LinuxCon
  • copyright notice discussion
  • discuss updates to new page on license matching related proposals (please review page in advance and add to Wiki page in meantime)