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  • Paul Madick
  • Dennis Clark
  • Sam Ellis
  • Mark Gisi


1. Feedback regarding SPDX v2.0: Mark Gisi provided an update including the need for language to describe parentheticals for the tools. Will be discussed at technical meetings.

2. New license/exceptions requests Approved the spencer license, need to decide on names for license and whether other versions should be included.

3. Disjunctive license notices: See examples, such as or : Discussed additional information provided with some licenses. This can be revisited, but the current thinking is to use new syntax to address disjunctive licenses (or license refs)

4. Conjunctive (composite) licenses on license list. Should we break apart or leave as is? : Discussed. No conclusion.

5. Recommended headers for licenses that don’t have a standard header (Mark Gisi).: Discussed. Currently we do not think SPDX can provide a list of non-standard headers.