Legal Team/Minutes/2014-05-14

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  • Dennis Clark
  • Mark Gisi
  • Tom Incorvia
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Paul Madick
  • Tom Vidal


1) License Expression - Mark Gisi drafting new license expression for the 2.0 specification

  • has begun drafting, but not ready for review - would like to send draft out ahead of time via email, have some time to go back and forth that way, then revise and discuss that revision on May 29 meeting
  • reads more like a tutorial (than specification?), so may have to look at wording for consistency, but feels like this needs to set out the problem and explanation in order to understand the syntax (reminder: this section will be an addendum to spec, that the rest of spec will reference)
  • will be important for everyone to review before the next meeting, provide feedback and also review the notes from the Collab Summit meeting as well

2) Exception List - Dennis Clark will discuss efforts on draft list, located here:

  • Dennis' process: took exceptions currently on SPDX License List + exceptions he has seen a lot in his work + reconcile/add with exceptions from Fedora list = this is so far about 20 exceptions (39 on Tom Vidal's list)
  • Full name and short identifier - had to kind of make-up full names; may want to make short identifiers shorter
    • should short identifier have word "exception"? makes it longer, but also makes it easier to read; make "exception" lower case in short identifier and singular
    • if there is a version number for exception, put that at end or elsewhere? need to be consistent
    • reminder: "with" is a modifier so not needed in naming protocol
  • source/url - is included where one has been found
  • Notes: info on what license this exception is usually used with - don't want to imply rules on this, but nice to have this info
  • Example of use: lists actual places where this exception is actually used; we don't have this for licenses (and not going to add), so why here?
    • exceptions are not as well-trodden, tracked and defined as licenses, generally
    • may be only example of this text to see
    • usually not versioned and may have variance on text
    • but exceptions need to follow (license) matching guidelines and be careful about this- don't want people deciding something is "the same" and using same short identifier
    • what to include for this field: downside is these urls may end up not working and do we have to keep it up
    • should it point to a webpage or download? Dennis has included both right now (may need to define in field about these links that they are not maintained, but can be update)
  • how do we manage this list? will need to add a task to review all references to license list in website, collateral, wiki and add/clarify exception list as well
    • exceptions should follow same rules as license list; matching guidelines

3) Fedora List - didn't have time to look at; will schedule one more special call on Wed, May 28th at 9am PT to finish the review!!