Legal Team/Minutes/2013-11-21

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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Dennis
  • Zac White
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Paul Madick


1) Fedora list (Zac) - went through next set of licenses to view and made notes here and updates to spreadsheet

  1. Beerware - ADD, use same short identifier
  2. BeOpen - troubling to add as individual license b/c part of the greater Python license; no on call has seen it used by itself, lean towards not adding (maybe talk to Fedora to see if they have a use-case of it being used alone??) NO to adding it for now
  3. Bibtex - earlier version of now-called Latex licenses; this is from 1985... no one's seen it currently and some issues with filenames within license text itself, in terms of matching guidelines, etc. lean towards not adding it for now; NO
  4. BSD (no advertising) - same as BSD-3-Clause, so do not need to add
  5. BSD with advertising - looks to be same as BSD-4-Clause (confirmed), but with additional text at beginning that essentially repeats the advertising clause at the top. discussed whether this could be notated as equivalent (for matching purposes) with BSD-4-Clause; Not going to add, but also not going to make statement whether or not it's "equivalent"
  6. BSD (two clause) - Fedora calls this just "BSD" - it's the same as SPDX-LL, FreeBSD license, so no need to add, just capture short identifier issue
  7. BSD Protection - unique license; ADD, use same short identifier
  8. BSD with attribution - it is verbatim 3-clause, plus another clause; sort of Apache 1.1-ish; ADD, but will use different short identifier than Fedora to better line up with SPDX naming; add note re: "fourth" clause and why it's not called "BSD-4-Clause" to avoid questions on this later

2) Because Tom Vidal and Mark Gisi were not on call, decided to not get into GPL exception spreadsheet on this call; priority for next call, if possible.