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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Zac White
  • Dennis Clark
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Mark Gisi


Lots going on! What are the current projects/issues the Legal Team needs to attend to?

1) License Matching Guidelines

  • edit matching guidelines, last round of edits sent after last call, no one responded --> Jilayne to resend, PLEASE review and comment via email!!
  • As promised at LinuxCon, Jilayne is going through all of the licenses for Daniel to make the templates (also spotting for formatting issues, to improve appearance of license pages on

2) Short Identifier Modifiers for "or later" licenses

  • Mark going to put together some examples of license version choices to help inform how to best solve this and get discussion going on mailing lists
  • identified a need to have a special meeting on this topic alone so people can join specifically --> Mark will coordinate this call

3) GPL Exceptions

  • we know SPDX License List is really weak here; have Tom Vidal doing research on this to collect various exceptions that are missing from list --> Mark offered to assist here
  • idea of having exceptions as a modifier or operator to that is added onto the main license (dovetails with "or later" operator discussion)

4) Fedora list

  • email sent after last call with instructions and link to list for people to weigh in on this
  • as per discussion with Tom Calloway - if a license is on Fedora "good" list, then we should lean towards including it on SPDX License List, then just need to look at short identifier Fedora uses and adopt, if no conflict or choose another and track differences
  • should be able to do mostly via mailing-list (but no movement) --> Zac to drive this and ping people

5) SPDX License List meta-tag discussion

  • good activity on this on the mailing list, so will continue to use mailing list for that and have schedule joint call as needed

6) IFOSS law review article

  • submitted to journal, but need a reviewer; Jack volunteered

7) legal calls/dial-in

  • Jilayne to check with LF to make sure we can using this number and then send a repeating invite
  • need someone to lead next legal call, as Jilayne is gone Oct 15 - 31