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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Dennis Clark, NexB
  • Tom Vidal
  • Tom Incorvia
  • Mark Gisi
  • Phil Odence
  • Paul Madick
  • Zac White
  • Scott Lamons
  • Jack Manbeck


1) LinuxCon, various other updates, administrative stuff

  • Dennis to take lead on whole license request process (Dennis gone 8/4 - 8/22, so Jilayne will cover during that time)
  • Jilayne to take lead on organizing time for LinuxCon and changes needed to website (on LIcense List page, specifically, e.g. add standard header field to web page; move old license lists to git, issue tracking there?)
  • Scott to take lead on License Matching Guidelines process
  • Paul to continue with first pass on Fedora list
  • Tom Vidal still working on GPL exceptions list, just needs to make it more presentable and will send along via email soon; has about 17 exceptions on list so far
  • LinuxCon: Jilayne, Mark, Phil, Paul, Scott - will be at Zac, Dennis not coming
    • license list or legal team issues that are critical to release of v1.2 of the spec? thing to do before LinuxCon versus things to do AT LinuxCon
      • issue of being able to refer to which version of the license list was used when the SPDX file was generated; need to add field in spec and need to add way to better access older version of license list - Mark to take lead on this topic
      • proposal to have always have most current version of license list and then have a git repository with download for current and old versions; "new" website is currently lacking a link to download the .zip file with the license list, so this would also fix that issue
      • what about suggestion for tagging source code files (using SPDX short identifier) - technical team looking at this in light of recent U-Boot use of same; Jack following this one

2) review requested license additions: see

  • Ruby License (see discussion cut and pasted below from previous email) - Ruby license is already on SPDX-LL, but the license text includes the "notice" stating the disjunctive choices; support to revise license text to remove the notice, so that it's license text only (otherwise, woudl require two license, the only difference being this statement)
  • IBM PowerPC Initialization and Boot Software - ADD (do not include notice at top stating disjunctive option, as per Ruby decision)
  • Unlicense ( - ADD

3) License List Matching Guidelines

  • Scott to take lead on this
  • revisit assignments / update from
    • Zac will take on GNU family of licenses by next call
    • Scott will take on Apache 2.0 and MPL family by next call
    • Jilayne will post a check-off list and add access (Jilayne to add: Scott, Tom V., Dennis, and whoever else on call who isn't on there now)

4) Fedora List

  • decided to also move this to a publicly available Google doc - Jilayne to put this up and send out invites; this way anyone can update or can be updated as we discuss and then no need to email around documents
  • list of 250 licenses; Paul has made initial pass on about 150! he's offered to keep going
  • team to start considering licenses in following order;
    1. on Fedora list, not on SPDX LL (and no short identifier "issue")
    2. license on either or both lists with a short identifier "issue' (i.e. short identifier is different on one list than other, or Fedora uses short identifier to refer to what SPDX LL considers different licenses