Legal Team/Minutes/2013-01-31

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  • Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic
  • Kirstin Newcomer, Black Duck
  • Tom Incorvia, Micro Focus
  • Paul Madick, HP
  • Mark Gisi, Windriver
  • Tom Vidal,

housekeeping items

moved a few things around and revised page titles in Legal Team Work Area (Legal_Team/Priorities). Namely, added a page to track license list request, etc. which Kirstin will take ownerhip of (and may revise as she sees fit), see: Legal_Team/License_List/Current_Issues_and_Licenses_Under_Consideration

Fedora list (Paul)

update: timing

  • list is long, so first pass by end of first quarter if he's doing whole thing, maybe more likely by May. Discussed possibility of chunking it out and delegating bits to others, but no one else on call to delegate this time
  • will keep that in mind for help later

ownership of License List Matching Guidelines

no one new on call to take ownership of License List Matching Guidelines, so will have to hope for more attendees (new blood!!) next call...

Jilayne's update

see #1; also will compile list for OSI license questions and send before next meeting

Mark's question about public domain issue

Jilayne summarized past history on this issue and need for a wiki page explaining thus (some info posted in various places, but needs to be in one place). Mark suggested that explanation of how to deal with that scenario to be spelled out in specification. perhaps for "license info in file" or thereabouts; or should this be in an appendix of the specification. should also link from SPDX-LL page. Basically, as a user, one is going to look in the specification or SPDX-LL.

License Inclusion Guidelines (Tom V.)

no update; plan to review and send memory refresher to group before next call so that we can pick up the discussion in a prepared way.

Agenda for next call, 2/14

  • updates all around, as usual
  • update from Kirstin (on process, etc.)
  • Jilayne to post public domain info page; then opportunity for feedback/word-smithing from group and discuss where else or how accessed for this, as per Mark's suggestiong to be included in spec, etc.
  • refresher for the License Inclusion Guidelines