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  • Jilayne, OpenLogic
  • Jack, TI
  • Jason, Cisco
  • Kirsten, Black Duck
  • Phil, Black Duck
  • Tom, Micro Focus

1) Meeting Schedule/Holiday Break - Due to the recent thin attendance and upcoming holidays, today was our last Legal Team meeting for 2012.  We will resume with vigor!!! on January 9th.  Please see the notes about priorities for 2013 below and the corresponding info on the website (which will be update in the next week).

  • We were in the midst of discussing the bounds of what kinds of licenses should be on the SPDX License List and where to draw the line. Tom Vidal had done a first draft of a guideline around this which we discussed and modified last meeting.  The latest iteration was emailed for the meeting agenda.  We did not further discuss.  This draft will be posted on the website and discussion can continue via email in the meantime.

2) SPDX License List v1.17 – Jilayne has added most of the licenses from the FSF list, but came upon a few outstanding items to this end, which were discussed on the call. 

A) Netscape Public License v1.0 – it has been added to the list, but wanted to confirm that we decided to use the short identifier "NPL-1.0" and not "Netscape-1.0" (Fedora uses "Netscape" and only included this version)

  • NPL used by other companies, Wikipedia also uses this, Mozillia also uses NPL --> go with NPL

B) Netscape Public License v1.1 – is really MPL v1.1 with a special exhibit. Do we really want to add this as a separate license?  

  • add license text as shown on Mozilla website; in that order (maybe check with Mozilla Foundation later, can always revise the text later, if need be for matching purposes, which would not impact the short identifier or that the license is included on the list.)

C) Jabber Open Source License v1.0 – we decided to add and in doing so, I noticed the archived text here - - is not the same as the OSI has on their site (it was OSI approved).  What do we do about this? (see attached .doc file for comparison)

  • text says "draft" at bottom... maybe go with OSI text? or hold off
  • old license anyway, hold off, don't add to list yet - and resolve with OSI (with goal of having on list b/c it was OSI approved and we endeavored to have all OSI licenses on SPDX list, even if old)

D) BitTorrent Open Source License v1.0 – we decided to add this (as well as v1.1, which has been added), but I cannot find the text for this license.  Does anyone have it (Philippe?) 

  • found Philippe's email, but links not working
  • Jack found on Gentoo site - so will use text from there and add as planned

3) Work and Priorities for 2013:  we looked at "current work" list which has not been updated in a long time

  • looked at the few things related to v1.17:
    • Jilayne will add the US-Gov't works short identifier as per the discussions earlier this year (unless there are major issues or incomplete info).  This has been outstanding for too long!!
    • decided NOT to add a "copyright notice only" indicator, since the spec covers that with the copyright notice field
    • OSI issues to be updated (add Jabber license issue)
  • in terms of priorities: license match guidelines and GPL exceptions (adding more of them, making sure they are accurate) are biggest priorities
  • website update and refresh can probably come off list - that's being worked on and content has been updated
  • freeware v. open source and guidelines for adding licenses - on list, but description needs to be updated
    • post last draft and make a page about this in the current work section (with some of meeting minutes or link to relevant days)
  • update community list progress

Please do not hesitate to carry on discussions and ideas via email even though we won't be meeting.  In the meantime, Happy Holidays to all!