Legal Team/Minutes/2011-04-20

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  • Esteban Rockett (Motorola)
  • Jilayne Lovejoy (OpenLogic)
  • Karen Copenhaver (LF/Choate)
  • Tom Incorvia (Microfocus)
  • Phil Odence (Blackduck)
  • Paul Madick (HP)
  • Kate Stewart (Canonical)
  • Michael Herzog (NexB)
  • Scott Peterson (HP)
  • Andy Wilson (Intel)


The group continued to drive on the below key issues:

  1. The "licensing/legal terms/disclaimer" for the SPDX meta-data;
  2. Method to revise SPDX metadata, including the option of using a changelog; and
  3. Confidentiality-state of SPDX metadata.

For #3 above, the group concluded that both a mandatory "radio-button" style confidentiality feature should be included in the specification, with an optional open text field for additional text, if needed.

For #2, the group began discussing the Data Commons PDDL 1.0, and other alternative approaches. Creative Commons was re-visited and explained that CC is problematic if the author/creator can be anonymous as previously agreed.