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  • Esteban Rockett (Motorola)
  • Jilayne Lovejoy (OpenLogic)
  • Karen Copenhaver (LF/Choate)
  • Tom Incorvia (Microfocus)
  • Phil Odence (Blackduck)
  • Paul Madick (HP)
  • Kate Stewart (Canonical)
  • Michael Herzog (NexB)
  • Scott Peterson (HP)


  • The group re-reported that the SPDX Tools License is concluded to be Apache 2.0. Further, the SPDX team will recommend that any 3rd party desiring to open source SPDX tools, also license such 3rd party tools under the Apache 2.0 license. No objections.
  • Kate confirmed that revised section 5.3 was being placed into the SPDX Beta Specification.
  • Discussions began on "whether there is a need for the Author/Creator" field.
  • A changelog approach to revisions of SPDX metadata was initially suggested by Kate. Tom and others substantially added.
  • The "Confidentiality Statement/Field" was discussed, and generally agreed, but no specific implementation(s) was been concluded.
  • Update on the "Templatizing" effort was given. See
  • It was suggested that we provide a public facing site of all known SPDX tools, when such tools are available.