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This is the working area for the Legal Team. The SPDX Legal Team supports and provides recommendations to the SPDX working groups regarding licensing issues for the specification itself; maintains the SPDX License List; and promotes the SPDX specification to the legal community at-large.

Work and discussion is primarily done via:

  • mailing list: our traditional form of communication. Meeting reminders, minutes, updates are posted there, as well as discussion.
  • the SPDX License List Github repo: comments and issues and PRs related to specific changes to the files that comprise the SPDX License List, e.g., update a URL, recommend additional markup for matching purposes. In particular, new license requests are tracked here.
  • bi-weekly calls: used to discuss topics and issues that may be difficult to only discuss via email or via Github.

You can join the mailing list and otherwise manage your subscription here:

An invite for the bi-weekly calls is sent to the mailing list at the beginning of each year. If you join the mailing list later, you may not have gotten the invite. The details of the calls are below for anyone to join and meeting reminders are usually sent prior to the call on the mailing list.

The Legal Team meets every other Thursday at 17:00 GMT (9:00AM PT, 10:00 MT, 11:00 CT, 12:00PM ET).

 Web conference:
 Optional dial in number: 415-881-1586
 No PIN needed

Working pages for project in progress: