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The purpose of this wiki page is to host the planning information for the SPDX f2f we are targeting to hold in the bay area in Sept/Oct 2012. Please see the bottom of this page to indicate which dates works best with you.

I have a number of agenda items that can easily consume a full day worth of discussion. I divide the agenda items in two categories: Core agenda items are the primary reason to hold this f2f meeting, and secondary agenda items will be discussed given time availability.

Core agenda items:

For all these core items, I will have a proposal to present that will drive the discussion. The goal of this f2f is really to have an agreement on how to proceed with these items. The agreement on these will enable the WG to be on a better and faster path of success and it is critical to get to that point. Otherwise, 1) recruiting other companies into this WG will be a mission impossible challenge (How many new companies have joined SPDX recently?), 2) Maintaing current participants will also be challenge if we don't have a resolution on these items, and not to forget the 3) fading possibility of achieving the goal of making compliance easier to achieve vis SPDX across supply chains. 

  1. Project Governance: I will propose a governance model and drive this discussion
  2. WG Structure: Goes with the above item as part of governance
  3. Roadmap for 2012-2013-2014: I have a proposal on setting up a roadmap that will initiate this discussion
  4. Charter: Mission / Goals / Vision: Continue this discussion and get to a closure on it.  
  5. Recruitment: I have a proposal on this that covers companies to approach and how
  6. SPDX web site  
Secondary agenda items:
These items are not the reasons we're calling for this meeting. However, since a lot of folks are expected to attend, then it would make sense to add 1 more day to the meeting to cover these items.
  1. Review current state of affairs for each sub-team
  2. Current challenges, what are we doing about it, and how can we do better
  3. Review of what needs to be done to get to SPDX 2.0 (technical, legal and business)
  4. 2.0 Use Cases
This is a working session where people driving the effort are expected to drive the discussions. For each of the above items, it would be fantastic if Team Leads/Chairs can prepare a presentation that covers 
  • What was achieved in your team since Jan 2012?
  • What are the challenges your team is facing? Any proposal on how to resolve these challenges? How can other teams or the Linux Foundation help you with these?
  • What is on your plate for the rest of the year and well into 2013?
  • What areas you need help to get you unlocked?
  • etc.
Anyone who participated in program reviews in their companies will find this familiar. The goal is to have a better alignment between the various team, understand where the challenges are and identify how we can resolve them, plan for getting 2.0 out of the door, etc. 
This F2F is really the opportunity for SPDX to regroup and proceed with a strong momentum. 

Suggested F2F Dates:

  • September 10-11:
  • September 27-28:
  • October 1-2:
  • October 2-3:

Above are possible dates for the F2F. I chose these dates based on my availability as I have a significant amount of international travel for the rest of the year. Please sign your name next to the dates you can attend as a method to track who can attend which dates. I can attend all of these. 

Suggested Locations:

Any SPDX participant companies in the bay area who can host? Please let us know.