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Attendance: 7

Minutes of Oct 4 meeting approved.

Led by Kirsten Newcomer

Technical Team Report - Gary

  • Completed review of use cases.
  • Have started modeling phase
    • Will create model of v1.1 and review so that everyone has the same baseline to work from
    • Then will start building model for 2.0 and vet against use cases for 2.0

Legal Team Report - Tom

  • Last two meetings have been lightly attended. Only 4 folks this week.
  • Some issues have surfaced with the GPL exceptions on the SPDX license list
    • Legal team is looking for a volunteer to review for correctness
  • Team discussed potential policy around licenses in different languages. Some initial thoughts from the team
    • Official language of the license list site is English
    • A small number of licenses have been originally published in a different language; for those cases, may make sense to publish in the original language
    • Policy is still under discussion

Business Team Report - Jack 

  • No meeting last week. Current activities include
  • Recruitment
    • Continuing to work on recruitment plan & roadmap
    • Team thinks this will be ready for review soon
    • Team is looking for a volunteer to write the On Boarding document
    • Pierre has downloaded the free version of KarmaCRM which might be useful for tracking recruitment efforts
      • Free version is limited to two users. One option might be to create a shared email address for SPDX team use. Business team wil discuss at next meeting.

Cross Functional Issues – Team

  • Web Site Update
    •  It's time to get ready for Linux Foundation conversion
      • Need two SPDX team members to work with webmasters from the Linux Foundation
      • Recommendation is that Martin Michlymeyer be one and that the other team member be someone who contributed to the previous web-site revamp for continuinty.
  • SPDX plugin for Fossology
    • Matt Germonprez (U of Neb) is making good progress and hopes to be able to share more broadly in about a month.


  • Kirsten Newcomer, Black Duck
  • Pierre Lapointe, nexB
  • Jack Manbeck, Texas Instruments
  • Kamyar Emami, Protecode
  • Tom Incorvia, Microfocus
  • Gary O'Neall, Source Auditor
  • Scott Lamons, HP