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  • Attendance: 10
  • Minutes of Sept 6 meeting approved.
  • Lead by Phil Odence

Technical Team Report - Kate

  • Continuing to work through use cases.
  • Peter Williams has left Openlogic. The tech team as well as the whole SPDX community officially thank him for his commitment and huge contributions to the project.
  • Peter is replaced by Jeff Gran.

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

  • License list
    • Wrapped up FSF list work
    • In process of defining what new license will go in the next version. Researching other lists with we'd like to to cover, Fedora is on the radar next
    • Version 1.17 is adding 42 licenses to the previous 165
    • Newly agreed to princple: If there is a version of a license on the list, we should also have all previous versions. (and future, presumably- Editor's Note)
    • Question came up about Freeware/Shareware license. Tabled for future meeting with larger group.

Business Team Report - Jack & Scott

  • Matt Germonprez of U of Neb and a grad student are making progress working with FOSSology and SPDX
  • Barriers to Adoption
    • Adoption remains a key focus of the business team.
    • Working on a survey
    • Plan to roll out to SPDX-involved companies as well as other companies from FOSSBazaar and LinuxF communites.
  • Ibrahim has come up with some great recruiting ideas.
    • Blocking issues: Need a govenance document (Phil is drafting)
    • Other needs: Roadmap (Jack working), Defined onboarding process.
    • Need a slide deck targeted at recruiting (Phil and Ibrahim working)
    • Michael lead discussion about how to work with Linux Foundation.
      • They are happy to help, but don't want to hand over mailing lists wholesale.
      • Feels it's important that we track recruiting efforts like a sales pipeline; Is looking into using a CRM system to track. It is important to recognize that some companies will not want recruiting discussion details to be public
    • Need to put some special thought into working with Asian companies.

Cross Functional Issues – Phil

  • Web Site Update
    • Lots of progress on clean up. Now in reasonably credible state, though still tweaking
    • Bad links and dead pages are for the most part gone.
    • Tech Team section now consistent with others.
    • Some URLs are confusing/inconsistent, but not worth worrying about as Linux Foundation will be revamping site for us shortly.
    • Jack is looking into adding a Contact Us tab.


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Michael Herzog, nexB
  • Kate Stewart, Canonical
  • Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic
  • Jack Manbeck, Texas Instruments
  • Jason Buttura, Cisco
  • Scott Lamons, HP
  • Tom Incorvia, Microfocus
  • Kamyar Emami, Protecode
  • Pierre Lapointe, nexB