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Jack Manbeck

Scott Lamons

Micheal Herzog

Pierre Lapointe

Jilayne Lovejoy

Phil Odence


Agenda / Notes


  1. Finalize Roadmap. Current copy for 2013 is here: <a title="blocked::" href=""></a>
  2. Talk about first meeting in April at LF Collab Summit in April
  3. Talk about Windriver and UNO SPDX work
  4. Priorities for the year
  5. Other Business


There were no significant comments on the roadmap (there were minor editorial ones) and it was finliazed. Phil converted the roadmap theme to the one used by SPDX. Jack will post on the wiki and remove the other drafts. Jack will also create a link tot he roadmap from the main web site page. Phil will announce the roadmap at the next general meeting.

There was discussion concerning the meeting at LF Collab Summit in April. Scott will start interface with the LF to secure space. At a minimu we would like room for en entire day on Wedensday. Basivc agenda would be intro to spdx and geenral meeting int he morning with the afternoon left open for team meetings.  Tech team may need more time and Jack to check with Kate on that. We also talked about presentations. It would be good to co-ordinate them. Thought was to do them on tools and ocmbione Garys presnettaion he submitted last year wih work that UNO and Windriver are doing. Jack to contact Gary. WE feel this would fit wth our theme of adoption for this year.


We talked about the tools both Windriver and UNOP have developed for generating SPDX documents. Jack also mentioned that UNO was lookign at deloping an "SPDX dashboard". This would be a consumer tool for analyzing SPDX documents. No details on that yet. Jack to talk with Matt Germonprez at UNO about disccuing this work at a general meeting. Team briefly discussed on hwo to captilize on this for SPDX. Thought was to have the tooling be a talk at the LF Collab Summit and to put links on the website. Micheal also mentioned that NexB was looking at a way to descrive licensing in soiftware using meta data. We may propose to SPDX. Jack aso mentioend that he was working on source level meta data as a proposal to SPDX as a counterpart to what Ed had proposed for bianries. He will propose to the Technical team.


Priorities for the year were deferred to next meeting.


There was no other business.