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Attendees:  Scott Lamons(host), Michael Herzog, Jack Manbeck, Gary ONeall, Steve Cropper, Ibrahim Hahdad, Karmir



Governance discussion -- can we continue to make progress with the volunteer based model or is a more active coorporate membership (fee based) model required in order to make progress on development, outreach, and adoption of the standard???

Adoption -- do we need to focus on a particular audience (e.g. corporate users or developers) or can we target both at the same time.  

Do we really understand all the barriers to adoption?

Some of this was captured at the SPDX Summit hosted by Cisco after the Collaboration Summit.  

Talked about doing a survery targetting open source projects, corporate users, and end-users  to undercover the barriers to adoption.  (Jack volunteered to work on this)

Add a feedback link to the website (e.g.

Use the Tuesday Linuxcon meeting to gather input from potential adopters




Added by Ibrahim:

1- The volunteer based model worked well to get SPDX to 1.x. Going forward there is a need to have a different model. This will be covered by the governance model proposal I am targeting for the F2F (planning in progress - see

2- Having a clear project governance and roadmap will help with recruitment activities. Other items that will also help include: web site, additional presence of SPDX in various events, outreach to specific/targeted open source communities and getting open source developers feedback, providing SPDX content in the form of practical papers - tutorial style, doing more than 1 F2F (for all of SPDX WG) and inviting target companies to attend a 0.5 day of educational track on SPDX, generating SPDX for small open source projects to be used as examples and case studies, etc.  

3- The WG need to consider creating content that we can publish on the improved web site, which can include providing guidance to SPDX users (open source developers, open source maintainer, general users of open source software, corporate developers, etc). The content can cover how they can use SPDX in their specific role for instance. How-to style documentation.

4- Creating a program to on-board new members into SPDX will be very helpful. Assume we have a new company X that decided to join the SPDX WG. Is there a way to get them up to date on what is going on and to identify areas they can contribute? This is what I mean by on-boarding. It can include documentation, seminar offered over a call or better face to face (esp if SPDX existing members are close by to new company), a document that identifies how to participate, etc.