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Scott Lamons (host)

Gary O'Neall

Kamyar Emami

Phil Odence

Pierre Lapointe

Michael Herzog

Jilayne Lovejoy

Steve Cropper (joined later)






1. Linuxcon (Panel, Working group meeting, 1.1 PR?)


SPDX Business panel will be on Thursday at 10:25am -- Scott will moderate, Kate, Jilayne, and Jack will represent the tech, legal, and biz teams.   Scott will be setting up a meeting in the next couple weeks to start planning the content and flow.    

Working group meeting on Tuesday from 1-6pm will focus on 2.0.   The first hour will be reserved to provide an SPDX introduction and meet any new participants.    Scott will work with LF to get this posted to the website.

Press release for 1.1?   Consensus was that it's a good thing to do.   Review previous release for 1.0.    Scott will check with Amanda McPherson on logistics for putting this out via LF.   Things to include:  updates to the license list, matching guidelines, CCO in response to community input , tools?


2. Outreach Activities (Fossology, Open Compliance program, Other?)


Matt Germonprez at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) and team are in the process of standing up a public instance of Fossology and they are forming a project to add SPDX functionality to Fossology.    Scott and Bob Goebille (Fossology architect) met with Matt to discuss their plans.   Bob is working with the team to resolve several issues.    Gary O'Neall and Kate Stewart offered their support as well.  


LF considering assigning a program/project manager to SPDX.    FOSS barcode tracker (announced May 30) seems complementary to SPDX

Gary talked about target development/build tools such as Eclipse (e.g. an Eclipse plugin that wraps some of the existing tools).   Gary looking for some commitment from the Eclipse foundation.  Michael to reach out to Phillip at Eclipse.     Apache uses Eclipse.  


3. Web update.  


Plan is to switch to the new website over the weekend of 7/28.  Steve to send a message to the SPDX team as a heads up and coordintate with Martin.  If there are any major problems we can switch it back before Monday.