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  • Kim Weins
  • Chuck Gaudreau
  • Pierre Lapointe
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Steve Cropper
  • Scott Lamons
  • Mark Gisi


  • Web Site Content Cutover
  • EclipseCon BOF
  • Software Supply Chain Summit - Date and Place
  • Next Steps - License List process
  • Web Resources
  • SPDX 2.0 compatibility
  • Enterprise Adoption issues


  • Eclipse Con BOF
    • March 28 7pm
    • In DC area
    • On the schedule and organized
    • So far, Mashad and Guillaume will be there
    • How can it be promoted? - Kim to ask LF if they can promote in their newletter
  • Web site
    • Instructions went out
    • Discussed the various types of page and what type to use in various cicrumstances
    • Should our mailing lists all be forums? We had a question about whether a forum would force us to log back in to respond to an email. That could be a bit of a pain.
    • We could also think about using forums for the FAQ
  • Software Supply Chain Summit
    • This would be a 1 day meeting in person with people involved in the software supply chain to discuss SPDX and OSS compliance in the supply chain
      • Cisco is willing to host at their facilities in San Jose
      • Need to figure out how many people - 30-40
    • Agenda
      • Goals
        • Should be more education (101)
        • How to get on board & provide feedback
      • State of OSS Compliance Today
      • Intro to SPDX
      • Presentations by end users (at least 2, or a panel)
      • License List
      • Tools
      • What's going on with the spec now
      • Getting involved
      • Discussion
    • Who should we target to company?
      • Maybe 30-40 attendees
      • End user companies
      • Supply chain/Procurement people working with software for 3rd parties and vendors, Legal people, open source compliance people or OSRB, part of R&D team in similar orgs. Want some smaller software suppliers.
    • Targeting Friday April 6 (day after LF COllab Summit) - Steve to check on date and if we can get a room
    • Will need a lunch,breakfast and maybe networking snack
    • Spread the word to the tech team
  • License List Process
    • Volunteers? Possibly Gary & Jilayne