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  • Kim Weins
  • Chuck Gaudreau
  • Gary O'Neill
  • Scott Lamons
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


  • Web Site
  • Update on CC0 "license" feedback
  • EclipseCon BOF
  • Software Supply Chain Summit
  • License List Process


  • Web site training
    • Steve Cropper and Pierre held a training session on moving stuff to the new site.
    • Kim took notes and will turn that into a how-to document and will send to everyone involved
  • Update on CC0 license
    • Kim sent email to Ian Skerrett at Eclipse, Robin Johnson at Gentoo, Spot at Fedora about the change in the data license from Public Data License to CC0
    • So far, I've hear back from Robin at Gentoo that he was happy about that.  HIs email note said:
    • I sent a follow up to Robin asking if he would work with us to get the license list expanded to cover his 252 (or possibly 614) licenses in Gentoo.
  • Eclipse BOF
    • Chuck and Mahshad from Protecode are working to organize BOF at EclipseCon
    • I suggested that they should plan for no more than 20 people. 
  • Software Supply Chain Summit
    • This would be a 1 day meeting in person with people involved in the software supply chain to discuss SPDX and OSS compliance in the supply chain
    • Targeting potentially April 6 (day after LF COllab Summit)
    • To be held in South Bay (possible at DLA or Cisco or HP facilities)
    • Topics would be about OSS compliance in the supply chain issues, SPDX issues and discussion
    • We want it to be not just presentation, but also discussion
    • We would target maybe 20 or so people from enterprises that use/distribute OSS
    • How to get people there
      • Current SPDX members to invite people
      • Mark Radcliffe will help market
      • Ask LF (Jim Z) to help
    • Kim to talk to LF to coordinate so we can finalize date/time/place
  • Process for companies to adopt - Per Scott L
    • Can start with procurement team to ask suppliers to provide it
    • Will need to educate procurement team
    • Will need places on website to point suppliers to
    • They have a standard spreadsheet format for proposal tracking of all OSS requests -- but it's not the SPDX format
      • WOuld need to be able to have extra fields that are company specific and have the tools ignore/add those.
    • Will need tools to help them
      • Idea is that you feed it software repositories to scan for licenses and then you can input the SPDX specific fields and create SPDX files
    • Could also ask their developers that are making internal requests to provide SPDX