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<a href="">LinuxCon SPDX Panel Discussion</a>

<a href="">SPDX 1.0 Press Release</a>

Press Release Content

The SPDX workgroup, hosted by The Linux Foundation, today announced the release of version 1.1 of its Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX™) standard.

-Expanded license list -- 12new licenses added in the 1.1 release and we now have a process in place to accomodate new license requests.

-OSI announces that is has adopted SPDX short identifiers (quote and pointer)

-Based on feedback from the community the SPDX data license was changed from PddL to CC0.   (get a quote from Karen C)

-Summary of changes from 1.0 to 1.1. (Kate)

-Talk about the availability of both commercial and open source tools that support SPDX.

A key enabler to the adoption of SPDX is tooling to automate the production of SPDX files and we are pleased to see both commercial and open source projects stepping up to this challenge.  

Reach out to commercial vendors for quotes: 







Reach out to Open Source projects for quotes:

UNO Fossology project (Matt Germonprez)

Source Auditor (Gary ONeall)

University of Victoria (Daniel German)